Hold infinity in the palm of your hand…. William Blake

Audience Responses to our recent production: Albion, Awake!

‘I found this to be an extraordinary staging and utterly unique and innovative performance. It was so atmospheric and evocative, taking the audience right into the heart and mind of William Blake. William Blake’s poems were brought to life with such imagination and depth of presence.’

‘The set was exquisite and the performance was exceptional, evoking the atmosphere of the era when he lived, and the timeless, transcendent quality of his poetry. It was as if we were with William Blake himself speaking across the centuries.’

‘The piece brought to life the profound complexity of Blake’s work, a multi-media performance which was compelling, spellbinding and transporting.’

‘The combination of the staging and Blake’s words was truly powerful. The mood it created was almost dreamlike which reflected the vibrancy of Blake’s beautiful imagination. It was almost as if the audience was invited to enter Blake’s imaginative state, which not only made the whole experience immersive, but gave the performance a genuine and personal feel.’

‘The best show about Blake I’ve seen.’