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Visionary Company presents:

Albion, Awake!

Infinity in the palm of your hand…

William Blake has messages for us that are more vital than ever:

 The Winners’ shout the Losers’ Curse 
Dance before dead England’s Hearse!

Albion, Awake! combines Blake’s own words with the mesmerising power of his “Illuminations”- the exquisite hand-coloured engravings that form an essential part of his major published works. Using Michael Chekhov’s radical techniques for the actor, this performance is a layered, multimedia experience of psychophysical theatre and a living embodiment of Blake’s ‘Visionary Forms Dramatic’. Blake’s limitless imagination explodes prejudices of race, gender, identity and what it means to be human.

Michael Chekhov was a visionary actor, director and theatre practitioner from the famous Moscow Art Theatre. Chekhov’s techniques, strongly rooted in the power of imagination and archetypes, lend themselves naturally to Blake’s work, enabling the actor to establish a unique relationship between the mind and body in performance.

Albion, Awake! unleashes Blake’s energy on stage, envisioning his life and relationships through his   letters, poetry, prose and artwork.

Rehearsal Footage 
Music – ”Spores” by Nick Parkin
Camera – David Wolfin